December 13th, 2017

32 mins 7 secs

Season 1

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E-L 1.1: Storytelling


01:03 Amra Brooks on Joan Didion’s The White Album.
04:10 Poem: “Citizen,” Daria LaBoutina
05:38 Wearing your liver on your forehead: An Interview with Lynda Barry
11:52 Poem: “Names” Lin Chen
12:52 “Windows,” Charles Baudelaire
14:32 Timothy Woodcock: The Infinite Monkey Theorem
21:20 From “The Storyteller,” Walter Benjamin

Thanks to:
Lynda Barry, who visited Stonehill in October 2016
Amra Brooks, Daniel Itzkovitz, and Jared Green for their reading
Timothy Woodcock for his mathematical storytelling
Daria LaBoutina and Lin Chen for their original poetry
Lila Lifton for her violin loops

"Windows" by Charles Baudelaire, trans. Jared Green


Creative Commons by NC ND 4.0
A production of the Digital Innovation Lab at Stonehill College