The Electro-Library

A cabinet of curiosities for your ears.

About the show

A literary and cultural anthology of cross-disciplinary creativity from the Stonehill College English Department and Creative Writing Program. A Stonehill Digital Lab production.


  • Memory

    May 23rd, 2018  |  Season 1  |  40 mins 28 secs
    death, forgetting, homer, loss, memory, proust, time, virgil

    Where is a memory? Is it stored inside of us, entire and complete, like a volume in a cellular archive, awaiting retrieval and rereading? Or is it a mosaic of experience fragments re-collected from bits and pieces of sensory input? Is it a feedback loop, folding now into then, truth into fiction?

  • Storytelling

    December 13th, 2017  |  Season 1  |  32 mins 7 secs
    charles baudelaire, infinite monkeys, joan didion, liver, lynda barry, storytelling, student writing, walter benjamin

    What do we do when we tell a story? What happens when we listen to a story told? Is storytelling simply an offer of entertainment or a deeply empathetic act that connects us to what it is to be the human animal? Is it a vanishing art or is it something that will always define who and what we are? And could infinite monkeys really tell a tale from Shakespeare, given infinite time?